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BrandWatch Technologies Fights Counterfeit Documents With New Security Solutions

BrandWatch Technologies has added new layered document security products to its suite of solutions, including specialty inks, and new printing and embedding technologies that will help prevent counterfeit documents and enhance document authentication. The new products are supported by BrandWatch professional services, which guide organizations through the process of selecting, evaluating and integrating solutions that meet industry standards and regulatory compliance.

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11 2010

College and Professional Sporting Events Remain Popular Targets for Ticket Counterfeiters

For collegiate and professionals sports organizations and other live event organizers, counterfeit tickets continue to pose a significant challenge that costs organizers, venues, brand owners and customers millions of dollars each year. While counterfeiters will go to great lengths to make their fake tickets look authentic, BrandWatch Technologies recommends that ticket makers and sellers go even further by implementing multiple layers of covert and over security to guarantee their tickets’ authenticity. BrandWatch document security solutions can prevent tickets from unauthorized or illegal scanning, copying, and digital imaging, and can be delivered on paper, plastic or through the Internet.

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10 2010