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B2Bee Adds Time Tracking to Make Small Service Businesses More Efficient

The Bee is Online Invoicing, Time and Expense Tracking, and Profit Reporting for Freelancers, Contractors, Solopreneurs and Other Service Providers

B2Bee, an online Invoicing, Time and Expense tracking, and Profit reporting tool for freelancers, contractors, soloproeneurs and other service providers, has added Time Tracking to its application. B2Bee customers can now enter time for hourly services or simply click on the built-in timer app to begin tracking their time. Tracked time can also be easily used to create a client invoice.

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04 2011

The Bee Ready to take on QuickBooks

Just starting helping a really cool start-up called the Bee. It was founded by Scott Miller, and if you own a small business, and need a simple solution to do invoicing and expense management, check out the Bee. Below is the press release the company put out yesterday.

B2Bee Simplifies Invoicing and Expense Management for Small Businesses with Web-based Tool

The Bee delivers the right size solution for professionals and small businesses that were not made to handle numbers

CINCINNATI – May 20, 2010 – With the launch of the Bee, a web-based invoice and expense management tool, B2Bee, LLC is encouraging small business owners and other professionals to “step away from QuickBooks and stop pretending you’re a part time accountant.” The Bee, which is available online at, provides three core financial tools that small business owners need to get paid, manage their expenses and track their profitability. The Bee is available from any Web browser, providing an easily accessible, always-on solution to create and send invoices, document, categorize and track expenses, and produce reports to help monitor the pulse of the business.

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05 2010