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Prelaunch Adds Twist to Crowdfunding Model: Crowd Discounts

The first Prelaunch brand partner to take advantage of the CrowdDiscount program is TREWGrip, an innovative handheld rear-type keyboard and air mouse.

“TREWGrip is the perfect example of why the program exists. The keyboard has been well received and in demand since the introduction of the first prototype. The company wants to bring down the price of the device so it’s more accessible to the mobile masses. By working with Prelaunch and securing orders prior to production, the company has a better understanding of demand and can better control production costs, which benefits everyone involved. As more people participate in the campaign, the price for TREWGrip can drop by as much as $100,” explained Donald Brewer, co-founder and president of Prelaunch.

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05 2014

Breaking the type cast: TrewGrip’s grab-and-go keyboard for mobile living

Hunt-and-peck, letter by letter, on your Roku remote, awkwardly balancing a wireless keyboard on your lap while sitting on the couch, typing long, painful emails with your touchscreen keypad – the world needs a new keyboard paradigm for mobile living. Outlier Technologies attempts to provide one its TrewGrip, a rear-keyed smartphone dock that you can hold and type with and is designed for use with smartphones, smart TVs and more.

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08 2013

Feeling bookish with handheld TrewGrip keyboard

The curved TrewGrip is a “rear-type” keyboard that can dock with an iPhone or other mobile device for text input on the go.

It has keys laid out in a vaguely QWERTY arrangement, but split and rotated. There’s a key layout on the front side that lights up when you push a key so your fingers don’t get too lost.

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08 2013

Outlier Technologies Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Introduce TREWGrip Mobile Rear-Type Technology

Outlier Technologies launched a Kickstarter campaign to further the development of TREWGrip, a patent-pending mobile QWERTY rear-type device that allows users to type with both hands while sitting, standing or walking. The full, standard QWERTY key layout is split and rotated so that the hands gripping TREWGrip can also touch-type wherever they are working. The first version of TREWGrip is a mobile dock, which connects wirelessly to virtually any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device or computer. TREWGrip also features an optional gyroscope that allows users to control on-screen mouse movement by simply tilting and turning the device.

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08 2013